Nursing Services in Hamburg

Recently, I noticed that nurses come and go several times a day, and I found out that a neighbor of mine is bedridden and needs daily care. This made me think about my own family, and myself, because if we are lucky enough, we live to a old age and will eventually need some kind of care, too. The question is, who will do this? After all, not everybody has children to take care of them in their old age. If they do have children, they have jobs and can’t spend as much time caring for their parents. Until recently, I thought that retirement homes were the only way to go at that point, but personally, I don’t fancy living in one of those. Now I see a different option: nursing services that come and go to your home and do what needs to be done.

Not all services are equal, and there really need to be special providers for people of different origins. I mean, what if someone only speaks Spanish or has a different culture from what a nurse is used to. Nowadays, there is a lot of migration going on, with refugees streaming away from the east. We have all heard the news. More people of foreign origin come to the western world because of war and persecution. In Europe, a lot of these people are being integrated into society, and once their are old, they need to be taken care of in their own way. What’s more, many of them bring aged family members with them that only speak, say, Arabic. Again, this puts a lot more pressure on nursing services to adapt and hire people with an understanding of the language and culture they are dealing with. In Hamburg, there are a ton of “Tagespflege” services, as they are often called.

Being of foreign origin myself, I started researching different service providers in the city and throughout Europe, just because I thought it was interesting. One that caught my eye was this Pflegedienst Hamburg, which specializes on the kind of immigrants I mentioned above. It’s cool to see that things like that exist, because I had suspected that it doesn’t (which would be quite an open niche in the market, come to think of it).

Thinking about retirement despite my youth has made me a bit philosophical. I started thinking about life expectancy in general and noticed that people live longer than they used to, which means there are more elderly per young person than ever before in history. This causes a lot of problems, because young people have always had to work for old people to pay for their care and pension. As more people get to grow older, this puts a lot of financial pressure on everyone, because more old people means more pensions! This fact is why pensions are a problem nowadays and the amount of money that we can expect in our old age is getting less and less. Man, I really hope these issues are solved by the time I’m retiring! But who knows, maybe by then robots are doing most of our jobs – after all, cars are already driving themselves!